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    Since 2009, Advisor Heritage Inspections Inc., has been doing Home Inspections. All inspections are done in accordance with the Standard of Practice established by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors. Advisor Heritage Inspections is fully insured. All inspections are done by trained and certified Professional Home Inspectors.

    Every home was at least once a construction project. With over forty years of significant construction experience, your AHII Home Inspector is very knowledgeable concerning every detail of the home. At AHII we are very familiar with the trades, methods, and materials that went into building, renovating and maintaining the home. Why settle for less!



  • George Johnson, Founder and President

    Behind every coat of paint, sheet of drywall, shingle and board lies a story of how well a structure is built. My job is to find out how good the construction is and how well the contractors followed the code.

    My name is George Johnson, CEO, Founder and President of Advisor Heritage Inspections Inc. Quickly stated, I am very good at what I do because I know what I am looking for.


  • Forty-two years ago, I began my life’s work by serving an apprenticeship as a stone mason. Through calloused hands, I soon got to know that older structures and buildings were mostly built by compression members. During my career in construction, I worked and supervised the repairs to several heritage buildings. Some of my projects included the Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Library of Parliament and the East Block North West Tower Rehabilitation. I was a Lead Stone Conservator on the West Block Rehabilitation Project from 2012 to 2015 inclusive.

    My career also involved custom home building. As a construction superintendent, responsible for what lies between footings and roof trusses, I learned a considerable amount of information of what should be behind, on top of or in front of finished surfaces. My knowledge and experience in this area is the story that I report to my clients as a certified home inspector.  

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