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  • What To Expect

  • The Inspection

    All Home Inspections are performed to the Standard of Practice set forth by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors.
    Your inspector is always happy to have clients follow along during the inspection. This is the best time to become familiar with the systems of the home and to discuss any questions you might have.
    A typical inspection lasts two to three hours plus report writing. For best results, the inspection should be completed during daylight hours. When booking an inspection or during the inspection let the inspector know of any special needs or concerns you have with respect to the home. This way the inspector can take extra time to examine your areas of concern so that you are informed and confident.
    At the completion of the inspection, your inspector will present a verbal summary of what was observed as well as take the time to answer any questions you may have. You will be made aware of the deficiencies found so that you can act right away. 
  • The Report

    Advisor Heritage Inspections Inc., uses the Horizon Software and Reporting System. All reports are completed and emailed to clients within twenty-four hours of completing the inspection. Paper versions of the report can be done on request.

    The report addresses the condition of the systems of the home. Any deficiencies found, recommended repairs, replacements or improvements are clearly documented. The report summary narrows in on significant issues found for your quick reference and action.

    A feature of the Horizon Reporting System is the large body of reference material available to clients.

    The report will not include the inspector's opinion on market value or whether your property passes or fails. The inspector will not give purchase recommendations or repair service recommendations. The inspector will not give an assessment pertaining to defects of any component that is concealed, inoperable, inaccessible or unsafe to inspect.